Moving to Australia made possible- credits to Make Visas team!!

Hi, This is Aarohi Sharma here, my post graduation studies cost me a good fortune, but the outcome was that I wasn’t getting a job of my competence, therefore after much speculation and planning I resorted to apply abroad, Australia was my first choice, why wouldn’t it be?! It’s such an adoring place, but after researching on the internet about all the processes, my mind went haywire. Than I thought of seeking some external help, and I would genuinely like to use this platform to thanks the Make Visas group who not only made me understand all the ifs and buts of the hectic process, but also redid my C.V in much appreciative way, and helped me in looking for good and affordable residence options in Melbourne. My dream did come true that too much instantly than I thought it would have, and all because of their guidance and persuasion to handle my case with diligence.



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